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larrylapin_cropped72The writing of Lawrence L. Lapin

Welcome to my home page, featuring my books from the Boatwright Trilogy. These stories are futuristic in scope. The characters apply a little bit of science to cope with some of the big problems we face in our everyday lives. Their stories are thrillers, emphasizing the possible, not science fiction. The people are ordinary folks with typical lives, but they face extraordinary circumstances. My stories go beyond their personal challenges, touching issues common to us all. Social and moral concerns are woven into their lives. Maybe the stories have lessons for us in bettering ourselves. At the very least, they ought to be good reads.

I believe you will have as much fun reading my books as I did writing them. You can read more about the Boatwright Trilogy by clicking on the Books page in the top menu bar. AND you can learn more about me on the About page.

I write for Breedwell Press, a small publisher specializing in modern fiction.


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